Frequently Asked Questions

Cat Visits or Cat Sitting
Why can’t I board my cat at your house while I’m away?

While dogs will walk into our house and settle happily into a doggie bed in a matter of minutes, cats are much more particular. They are happier in their own space, and will often become sullen, depressed and even destructive when displaced to a new environment.

We are happy to care for your cats in their own homes, where they can continue to follow their daily routines. This ensures they will be happy and relaxed when you get home.

What do you typically do during cat visits?

We replenish water and food, clean or change the cat litter, and if you cat is out and interested in company we offer belly rubs and playing with toys. We are also happy to rotate lights and bring in the mail, water plants and clean up any visible cat ‘accidents’ around the house.

We encourage you to call or email us any time if you want to check in on how your cat is doing while you’re away!

Why do you recommend visits at least once per day?

Through years of experience, we’ve found that most cats are not as forthcoming with emotional or health problems as dogs. Rather, they tend to withdraw and find a quiet spot around the house to hide. This makes if more difficult to tell when a cat is ill, especially if we are only visiting every few days.

Get Started

The first step is booking a complementary meeting with us.

During our meeting, we will:

  • Assess your dog’s basic level of training
  • Ask about your dog’s recall and general temperament
  • Learn about the type of service you require
  • Give you a chance to ask question

After our initial meet ‘n greet, we will send your login details to our online pet care system so you can make schedule changes yourself and keep an eye on what your pooch is up to in the park.

Then, all you have to do is lean back and reap the benefits of a socialized and well-exercised friend!

We are a friendly family of dog walkers and pet sitters, happily serving the Toronto and North York community for over a decade.