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Private, On-Leash Dog Walks

Private, On-Leash Dog Walks

Toronto and North York Areas

Private dog walks cater specifically to dogs who benefit from a slower pace, or one on one attention.

Whether your dog is getting older, is recovering from an injury, or doesn’t get along well with other dogs, individual dog walks will allow him to get outside for a potty break or a walk in fresh air.

Group Walk Facts:
  • Private walks are either half an hour or an hour in length and take place in your own neighbourhood. No driving required.
  • Dogs in our private walk program do not need great recall, as walks are on-leash only.
  • Private dog walks are the ideal solution for dogs recovering from communicable disease such as kennel cough, as these walks don’t involve any other dogs
  • If you dog has any socialization issues or aggression towards other dogs, this is likely the right program to enrol him in.
  • We are happy to feed your dog as part of this service, before or after the walk – just let us know!

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Private Walk Rates
  • $29/walk – 1 Dog, Half Hour
  • $39/walk – 1 Dog, Full Hour
  • $39/walk – 2 Dogs, Half Hour
  • $49/walk – 2 Dogs, Full Hour

Please visit our pricing page for more information regarding individual services.

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