Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting or Cat Visits

Don’t stress your feline without reason! Let one of our cat sitting team members come over and take care of your little one while you’re away.

Let’s face it, cats are not happy to leave the comfort of their homes. For most, even a trip to the vet is a challenge.

We’ll put out fresh food, change the water and make sure the litter is perfectly fresh every day. Afterward, we’ll drag a string around or give you cat some belly rubs. This way, when you come back from vacation, your knitting yarn collection will still be intact.

Pet Sitting the ‘Other’ Pets

We are happy to take care of your other pets as well. We’ve met many different creatures along the way, and are happy to care for your fish, rodents, or reptiles

House Insurance, Without the Added Cost

In addition to cat sitting, we’re happy to rotate or turn on your lights every day, water a few plants, and take in the mail. Your house will have that ‘lived in’ look while you’re miles away.

Cat and Other Pet Sitting Rates
  • $20/day – 1 Pet Visit
  • $35/day – 2 Pet Visits/Day

Please note additional pets will be an additional fee.

Please visit our rates page for more detailed information.

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