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Dog Boarding and Overnight Care

Where will my dog sleep at night?

Well, what depends – does he like a soft, cushy dog bed, or does he prefer to sleep curled in an armchair? When he stays with us, he’s one of our own, so our house is his.

We’re often asked if dogs spend time in cages or crates while they are here, and the easy answer is no.

While we don’t normally keep a crate in the house, if a client requests that their dog sleep in a crate at night, we’re not opposed to it. We understand that some dogs are used to sleeping in a crate and find it comforting, so we’re open to simulating whatever environment your dog is most comfortable in.

Will my dog be allowed to interact with other animals?

Definitely! We have two dogs of our own and are often boarding one or two of our regular dogs. Your dog won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

What does my dog do during the day?

That’s really up to you and your dog. Generally, dogs who board with us go on a group walk every day, and several potty break walks throughout the day. However, if you prefer that your dog doesn’t go to the off leash park, that’s no problem. He can spend the day lounging around with our two dogs, sunning in the backyard and napping.

How many dogs do you care for at one time?

We house a maximum of 6 dogs at one time, including two dogs of our own. That way, there is plenty of room to breathe and dogs are not overwhelmed in our overnight boarding environment.

Do you have any restrictions on the dogs you board?

Definitely! Our overnight guests are carefully screened. Each new boarding client must do one night of trial boarding, so we can assess behaviour, anxiety levels and their general comfort in our home. Overnight dogs must also be up to date on vaccinations, be free of any communicable disease and friendly towards dogs, people and children.

For the safety of our dogs and our doggie clients, we reserve the right to turn down any current or potential boarders that do not meet our basic boarding requirements.

Do you charge extra for administering medication?

Absolutely not! Although we do not give insulin shots, we are happy to administer other medications to your dog while they stay with us at no extra cost.

My dog is on a raw food/special diet. Can you accommodate this?

Of course! We’re happy to feed your dog his special diet while he stays with us, whether that means raw food, food from your vet, or home cooked food you have provided for his stay.

What do I need to bring for my dog’s stay?

The comforts of home. A favourite dog bed or an old t-shirt of yours he loves. Anything to remind him of home and help him be comfortable while staying with us.

We will also need dog food for the length of your dogs’s stay, and any medications or special food your dog requires.

How far in advance do I have to book my dog’s stay?

If your dog has stayed with us before, try to book at least a week in advance for non-holiday periods, and at least a month in advance for holidays. During the Christmas period, we are especially busy and our spots fill up a month or two in advance.

If you dog has never stayed with us, please give plenty of time for a night of trial boarding, and keep in mind that we are very busy during holiday periods.

Can I call you to find out how my dog is doing?

We hope that you do! You are welcome to call or send an email any time you wish you check in. Although it’s likely your dog is doing just fine, we know that a little reassurance is nice.

Do you board puppies?

We do, as long as they are over 4 months of age. Since your puppy will be interacting with other dogs, being up to date on vaccinations is important, and 4 months is usually just past the third round of puppy shots. At 4 months, your dog will also be sturdy on his feet and big enough to be able to safely play with other dogs.

Do you provide pick up and drop off services?

Yes! Give us a call and we can discuss arrangements for picking up and dropping off your dog.

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