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Dog Daycare Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Daycare

Can you feed my dog during mobile daycare?

Absolutely! Leave out Fido’s food for us in the morning, and we’ll be sure to give him a lunch time break to enjoy his meal.

What will my dog do all day?

Your dog will be going on 2 or 3 group walks each day, depending on our day’s schedule. In between, he’ll probably be napping in the car to recharge his energy for the next walk.

How long will my dog be out for mobile daycare?

Generally, pick-ups take place between 9-10 in the morning and drop-offs between 3-4 in the afternoon. Times may vary depending on where exactly your location falls on that day’s route.

Will my dog be tired at the end of the day ?

You can count on it! It’s the reason mobile dog daycare is such a great solution for active dogs who need plenty of exercise. After taking part in 2 or 3 group walks, your dog will probably want to spend the evening napping or moseying around at a very relaxed pace.

My dog suffers from separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for long periods while I’m at work. Is the mobile daycare program a good solution?

Yes, as long as your dog is comfortable with a moderate amount of exercise, and doesn’t mind socializing with friends all day. We find that doggie daycare reduces anxiety greatly, and even if your dog spends a few hours between the end of daycare and the time you get home, those hours will likely be spent napping.

We’ve worked with clients to reduce separation anxiety by starting with the doggie daycare program and gently transitioning to one group walk per day. In time, most dogs suffering from anxiety will grow comfortable with their daily routine and grow more tolerant of being left at home for longer periods.

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