Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Walking
Where will you be walking my dog?

Generally, we try to minimize the time your dog spends in the car as much as possible. Private walks take place in your area, and on leash. In group walks, we try to rotate the closest off leash dog parks in your neighbourhood for variety.

In bad whether we sometimes walk on leash through your neighbourhood if parks are too dirty, although this does not happen often. On most days, you can find us in Sherwood Park, Sunnybrook, or Cedarvale.

How long will my dog be out of the house?

On group walks, your dog will spend at least one hour in the park, and the time it takes for us to pick up a few of her friends and head to the park and back.

Usually, your dog will be back between 2-3 hours. Though keep in mind that we’ve been known to lose track of time if we’re having a lot of fun in the park and stay a little extra. We’re always equipped with cell phones, so we’re never out of reach!

We’ve recently launched our GPS check-in system, so if you an existing client, you can now log into your client profile (from your desktop or cellphone!) and see exactly when your dog was picked up and dropped off for their walk. Peace of mind and accountability at your fingertips!

How many dogs do you walk in each group?

We walk a maximum of six dogs per group. This is the limit designated for Toronto’s dog walkers, and we take it seriously. The small numbers keep our dogs safe and allow us to watch them carefully on each walk.

Does my dog have to be off leash?

No, not necessarily. If your dog’s recall is not fantastic, or he’s a puppy and just learning to come back when called, we will gladly work with you to improve his recall range. In most cases, dogs will quickly learn to stick with their pack, especially if they are enrolled in daily walks.

Long-term, our group walks are specifically tailored to off-leash exercise and play, so our goal is to help you improve your dog’s recall so that he may enjoy the full benefits of this program.

If you prefer that your dog remain on-leash permanently, we wholeheartedly recommend our private walk program.

Why does my dog need tags?

There are two tags your dog will need to to take part in walks. The first is a basic identification tag with their name and emergency information, and the second is a city licensing tag.

The city of Toronto now requires that all dogs walking in public places be licensed, and the registration process is very easy. Just visit the Toronto Animal Services – Pet Licensing website and you dog’s tags will be on their way! Trust us, the fine is much more than the registration cost.

Get Started

The first step is booking a complementary meeting with us.

During our meeting, we will:

  • Assess your dog’s basic level of training
  • Ask about your dog’s recall and general temperament
  • Learn about the type of service you require
  • Give you a chance to ask question

After our initial meet ‘n greet, we will send your login details to our online pet care system so you can make schedule changes yourself and keep an eye on what your pooch is up to in the park.

Then, all you have to do is lean back and reap the benefits of a socialized and well-exercised friend!

We are a friendly family of dog walkers and pet sitters, happily serving the Toronto and North York community for over a decade.