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Group Dog Walks - Toronto and North York

Group walks to the local off leash park are the easiest, most affordable and entertaining way for you dog to get her daily fill of exercise and socialization.

Meant for the typical city dog who needs a daily outing for bathroom relief, combined with an hour long dose of socialization and exercise. Group walks take place in Toronto’s designated off-leash parks. Some off leash parks offer a trail-type walk, and some are a more typical fenced off area – we try to rotate our destination regularly as we believe our dogs benefit from the variety. During the course of a typical group walk, we reinforce basic obedience skills and encourage your dog to practice their manners and social graces while interacting with other dogs at the park.

Group Dog Walk Facts:
  • Pick-ups take place two or three times each day, depending on the day’s schedule. Most days, we offer morning and afternoon walks, depending on your location and your dog’s needs.
  • Group Walks are available Monday – Friday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • We generally play and exercise in dog parks that are nearest to your neighbourhod, so you dog spends less time in the car and more time in the park!
Group Walks in Toronto and North York

What our pups are up to every day.

Regular Walker
  • $24.5/walk – 1 Dog Home
  • $40/walk – 2 Dog Home
Occasional Walker
  • $29/walk – 1 Dog Home
  • $56/walk – 2 Dog Home

Please note regarding our Regular vs. Occasional Walker programs.

Regular Walker rates are based on a total of 12 or more walks/services in the span of one month.
* A combination of services may be used to total 12 in one month. Example/ 5 days of doggie daycare, and 7 days of group walks. In this instance, Regular Walker rates will apply.

Please visit our pricing page for more detailed information.

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