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Dog Walking

Puppy Visits: Toronto and North York

Puppy Visits – Toronto and North York areas

Puppy visits are your dog’s first interaction with us, and the ideal introduction to our range of services. Many of our group walk dogs were once clumsy puppies in our care, and we’re proud to boast that we’ve known them since their young puppy sitting days.

Taking care of puppies is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. Helping a little fur ball grow into a confident, well-socialized member of your family is a big responsibility, and we are happy to do our part. We can’t stress enough the importance of puppy sitting in the early months of your dog’s life – learning basic commands, greeting strangers, learning dog to dog etiquette – these are all lessons that your puppy will carry with him for many years to come.

Here is what we do during puppy visits:

First, we take care of your puppy’s basic needs – food, water, and a much needed potty break! Your puppy’s small bladder pretty much guarantees that a potty break will be foremost on his mind when we get there.

After that, we follow your puppy’s lead. If he likes to chase a ball, we throw one around. If sniffing every square inch of your neighbourhood interests him more, we do that. As long as he gets a little exercise each day, we do whatever he enjoys.

If your puppy is starting puppy training classes or working with a private trainer, even better! We’re eager to participate by fortifying what he is learning with your trainer and using the same commands on our puppy visits.

We also reinforce basic obedience skills, and other training tools you are using. Open communication guarantees that between your efforts and ours, your puppy will know his basics in no time.

Basic requirements of puppy visits:

  • An eager puppy, ready to learn and play (we’re pretty sure you won’t have trouble meeting this requirement!)
  • Non-retractable nylon leash and sturdy, well-fitting collar (a Gentle Leader or Martingale collar if necessary)
  • A key to your home and a fob/passcard, if applicable

What our pups are up to every day.



Puppy Visit Rates

$25/visit – 1 Visit Per Day

$40/visit – 2 Visits Per Day

Please visit our rates page for more information regarding individual services.

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